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by Darren Little in Viewpoint
Photographer Description of Photo
Time Warner Center New York, taken from street level walking to Central Park. I like how this photo curves around the frame.
Top Critiques
Both photos were shot with the camera holding up, but first photo has clear contrast of colour and different biildings
by Emma
Nice angle & reflection of sky on the building give it more life
by Shaf
exciting angle
by tony huckerby
lighting is better
by Janette
I like the angle of the photo which gives you an interesting perspective. The reflection of the clouds make this photo surreal. Love it.
by Meri
Looking up at the height of these tall buildings, makes them feel imposing. The angle, however, makes them look almost 2 dimensional - which makes me try to look around the corner for the rest! It really draws the eye and keeps you interested.
by Lyndal
photo 2 view of the building from the way up
by z33kl3r
Photo 2 is the winner due to the unusual angle the picture has been taken
by LaurenSearle
I feel photo one is the best picture. By taking the photo from below the buildings facing up towards the sky it shows the building from an unusual position, not how you would normally see the picture.
by LaurenSearle
This photo illustrates well the topis of a change of perspective. It shows a few skyscrapers photographed from below, dominating above a circular building on the bottom left of the frame.
by Justyna Chmielewska-Schaftlein
Both pictures pretty equal, however hard to see subject in photo1
by Janine Rea
Better composition and angle. Keeps your eye in the frame, not wondering out like other photo.
by Janine Rea
Interesting angles
by Janine Rea
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