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by Esther Blanco in Viewpoint
Top Critiques
Gorgeous close-up!
by alici
Obviously this is an animal's eye, but, exactly which animal you can't tell, and that is what adds to making this photo even more intriguing. Colours, texture and shape are shown up close and if you stare at the photo for a while it becomes more than just an eye!
by annab
Close-ups are more interesting perspective for me than other angles.
by Maria Ellmore
I like how close up it is - really interesting
by AbbyWard
great focus and subject!
by Paula
Both photos are fantastic but the second is great because its a very up close shot which makes for an interesting picture with the scales of this creature. I can't quite make out what animal what it is but i like that its kept me guessing, It's almost abstract its so close.
by AbbyWard
No distractions, you're drawn to the eye of the subject.
by Kathiemt
I can't help but look at thy eye!
by Karina Bryer
It's a perspective people wouldn't normally see
by Dave
Great close up shot - a little unnerving to look a reptile in the eye too.
by Lucy
It's more interesting
by Carly
The small depth of field here emphasises the eye. The colours also draw attention to the eye. The light reflection in the eye ads interest. For me, the head of the bee, especially the eye needs the main clarity. Still a very good photo. Colin.
by Colin
the eye is so detailed and the blur around it makes it stand out much more like this is the only point to look at you are drawn to it
by OldRosie
Getting right up close to the eye makes for a very interesting shot.
by Sydney
Love the highlights and point of view
by Photoart
Photo 1 seems quite vivid and confronting. It provokes a sense of urgency for the viewer.
by Justine de Jonge
very interesting pic!
by Leslie Ashburn
feels like I'm about to be bitten!
by James Ashburn
The focus point is beautiful and the extreme detail and closeness is great.
by Amanda A.
What is that? I want to find out more
by MaggieVP
Close up of the eye
by Kathiemt
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