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by Griffin in Viewpoint
Photographer Description of Photo
Novice, Canon 600d, macro view of Zygo cactus
Top Critiques
When looking at flowers, we often focus on the petals and overall flower, but this takes a look at the pollen and center of the flower.
by Stacey Payne
Photo 2
by Yen
Photo 2 Colour story light technique
by Yen
Cant' really tell what photo 1 is
by Janette
Excellent colour. This different view captures my interest verses a simple flower shot
by Gregor Sands
This close viewpoint is allowing me to see something I wouldn't see normally.
by Lyn Collins
Nice composition. Simple, pleasing photo to view.
by Lyn Collins
There are no distractions from this photo. You are able to see the little things that make up the whole of the flower, and the colour really pops.
by Jo-ann Lim
A nice close-up
by Marina
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