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by Sandra Ruddock in Viewpoint
Photographer Description of Photo
300mm f/5.6 1/640 ISO 12800
Top Critiques
Photo 1 Impressive
by Yen
Photo 1 story
by Yen
The person is at an unnatural vantage point giving you the perspective of a bird in flight.
by Jeremiah
The aerial view really lays out the floor we typically donít take the time to notice.
by Orozcophotography
viewpoint from above looking down on the street
by masitah
great colour
by Wendy Triplett
The effects employed in the creation of this photo have produced a nice poster-like image which appears to have a message: perspective, colour, "worn" or aged effect.
by Nola
This photo appears to have a message or be hinting at a story beyond the image. The effects, the colours, the perspective all contribute to making it engaging.
by Nola
I still like the pedestrian, whilst the flowers are pretty, there's nothing particularly outstanding about the composition.
by Hayleigh
My preference is the perspective of the pedestrian in the pedestrian zone. It's not a typical viewpoint as you would usually be a fellow pedestrian observing other pedestrians at eye level. With the pier this is a fairly standard view point
by Hayleigh
Even though both pictures are both from above, the bold lines and colours draw my eye to this photo.
by Charlotte
View from high above, photographer has moved - not just from eye level. Bold abstract colors of road markings create interest. Pedestrian is framed by the road markings.
by Charlotte
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