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by bushflower in Viewpoint
Photographer Description of Photo
Instead of just taking a photo of this tree from the side I got very close to it and looked up, shooting along the trunk and up to the branches.
Top Critiques
This offers a unique perspective of this tree truck by focusing on the small section of the base but also providing the reach of the tree's height in the background.
by Stacey Payne
Photo 1 is definitely an unusual viewpoint - up AND sideways. Photo 2 nice clear shot but it is not a shot that shows anything about the subject in regards to size ect.
by Debbie
I particularly like the texture of the bark and the blurring of the log or trunk as your eye moves away from the foreground.
by Dina
photo 2 has more interesting subject angle and lighting and background
by Jess Bon
This photo has been taken from a great angle from which is fascinating because it is the angle in which creatures can see it so it tells a story from a creature in which we may not understand
by JayDee
I like the depth in Photo 2. Photo 1would be a better shot if the subject took up more of the frame.
by geoff
Photo 1
by Megan Niven
curious angle from which to shoot this - very effective
by Jasper
I like the perspective of the photo taken on an angle looking up the branch. The bark looks like creatures crawling along.
by Marion
The depth of field in photo 2 is focusing on the the main subject of the picture. I like the simplicity of this photo.
by Disha Jolly
The bark on the tree almost comes alive. It gives you the feeling of fingers. I also like the depth field which pulls the eye into the center of the pictures. Photo 2 had good composition but the depth of field and focus pulled the eye to the ute in the background.
by Terry Wilson
The detail of the branch is highlighted in the winning photo
by ypriy
Viewpoint is upward where we don't often look and framing also makes it a different viewpoint.
by dstfthky
Interesting angle and limited depth of field focussed on the bark.
by dstfthky
Photo 2 provides a unique viewpoint while Photo 1 seems to be flat
by Cassandra
While both give the viewer good viewpoints, Photo 1 seems to be more unique
by Cassandra
Photo 2 gives the viewer the feeling of climbing up the tree, providing more depth to the photo
by Cassandra
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