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by Xarah in Viewpoint
Photographer Description of Photo
While at Federation Square in Melbourne, I happened to glance over a bicycle stand. Being a beautiful day with bright colours all around, I used my iPhone to get a shot of the Melbourne City Council bicycles whilst having the Flinders Station in the backdrop. I'm quite impressed with the way this photo turned out because unlike common opinion, I wanted the bicycles, not the Flinders Station, to be in focus.
Top Critiques
Love both Photo 1 story shape light unusual Photo 2 technique nature light
by Yen
Shows depth
by Liliana Sambotin
I like the viewpoint in photo 2.
by Emma
Love the contrast of colors, Would reduce the highlights though
by Shaf
I love the contrast of the bicycles and the old buildings
by Jen Beckwith
I have chosen photo 2 because of the cosmopolitan feel of the photo. The contrast of a modern city with bicycles is great and the contrast of colours. The blue stands out against the yellow. Photo on has beautiful colour, but for me, the depth of field too small, only the stamens are in true focus. Colin
by Colin
The repetition of the bicycle frames in the centre of the image makes from an interesting shot. I would consider cropping in some of the black handle bar in the top right handle corner to accentuate the multiple bike frames.
by Justin M
The idea of the bikes and the building at the back is brilliant
by ypriy
The repetition and pattern is appealing to the eye, as is the lower viewpoint. It leads you in the direction of the building.
by bushflower
Photo two is a great picture. It's well framed, has interesting perspective and excellent use of colour.
by Leslie Ashburn
Both of these photos are good examples of change of perspective but the second picture is very interesting and is a more unusual shot.
by Leslie Ashburn
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