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by Lorraine A in Viewpoint
Top Critiques
This photo shows what it would be like to be an elf living in the forest underneath the toadstools; it triggers the viewer's imagination.
by Marlies@mbkedit
The angle of the mushroom makes the photo more unique. Even though there is so much in the picture the mushroom still stands out. Whereas despite the striking colour the butterfly still blends in.
by Kiki 050
I like that the mushroom has been made the central point of the photograph. The angle of the photograph makes the mushroom a lot more interesting then if you had taken a shot of it from the usual bird's eye view point.
by TinaMaria
I think both photos are great and I had to use feel to differentiate it. I like the outdoors and used that to choose.
by Savish
I thought both of these were equally as good to be honest, but photo one has three levels of depth, which gives it the slight edge. You have the rock in the fore ground, toadstool central, then out of focus background.
by Bryony Harrison
I actually kind of like the image of the dog, but the toadstool shows in a way that I am not used to which is interesting.
by Lesley Mitchell / Renascent College
different perspective on the photographed object
by Mihaela Schwartz
Nice detail on the underside and use of a wide angle :)
by alici
there is less clutter around the photo, the subject in Photo 1 stands out more than Photo 2
by Paula
Although both viewpoints are interesting, the composition in photo 1 is lighter on the eye and more interesting.
by Thomas
The second image is better as its taken from and angle that we don't normally get to see from. The colours are very strong and the subject is clear and in focus.
by AbbyWard
Photo 1 the image is crisp and you can see the focus of the photo clearly. In photo 2 it is still an interesting perspective, but a bit harder to see the focus point.
by Karina Bryer
Photo 1 you can easily see what the main focus of the shot is. In photo 2 it's a bit hard to tell what the subject is.
by Karina Bryer
Photo 1 is not an unusual angle, just a close up
by Dave
Ant's eye view of mushroom
by Dave
A rare view underneath a mushroom
by Dave
Sharp focus on point of interest with rest faded. Interesting view from down low
by Claire Winlow
It shows details that you might not ordinarily see.
by Carly
Dog pic is nice, but the mushroom is far better as it gives perspective and scale. (Dog looks lovely, though) Douglas
by Douglas Sutherland-Bruce
This lone mushroom stands proud in the foreground against large trees in the background. It gives the feeling of importance to that one mushroom.
by Michelle Coates
it gives a good perspective of the sunject
by karemeu
Great detail
by Suzanne
Lower angle which is more unusual perspective for a mushroom. Background nicely blurred.
by Ju Lim
depth of field is perfect on this one
by Jen Beckwith
There are few interesting things to look at; stone, mushroom and the tree in the background.
by Meri
I like this photo because the angle that it is taken from is not a usual view on the subject. The subject is clear and gives an interesting look to something that is so simple.
by Disha Jolly
Looking at nature from an insects perspective gives a whole new look upon nature!
by Graeme Dickson
The viewpoint of the first image is very generic - the mushroom shot is much more unusual.
by Sydney
Photo 1
by Vesy
I like that the toadstool seems to want to compete with the trees. It seems to be standing as straight and tall as it can.
by knotman
it's an interesting viewpoint
by Shazzlee
This mushroom set against the bush, gives the impression of wide space.
by annab
Down on the forest floor, a new world is revealed. This tiny mushroom looks tall and slender.
by annab
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