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by Tracie Louise in Viewpoint
Top Critiques
I like the angle and colours at the end of the tunnel...makes you want to go through
by Suzanne
by tony huckerby
p1 show good tunnel and track detail p2
by tony huckerby
perfect framing and vivid colours in frame
by Stephanie Claude
great photo
by Griffin
it has to be photo 2 as photo 1 didn't upload. photo 2 has good light and framework
by Jess Bon
Very good Angle
by Anirban Mazumdar
I like the concept and viewpoint of this photo and the mouth of the tunnel acting as a frame to the outside, but to me the lack of shadow in the tunnel makes it look over processed, too many layers. The length of the tunnel takes away the framing effect, and gives two separate section to the photo. Colin
by Colin
There is a view of two different environments in this image- a natural landscape and a man made structure. The view of the landscape is also shaped by the tunnel which gives it a leading effect. I get the feeling that it is cold, lonely and damp in the tunnel and that by walking outside into the landscape you would feel warm and be flooded by sunshine.
by Hayley Dart
I am drawn to the colours in Photo 1.
by Vanessa Hall
I have seen many grasshoppers from this viewpoint in my life but have not encountered so many tunnels that have captured such a scene in a way that it feels intimate. I think Photo 1 makes me feel like I am going down a path to a secret garden.
by Vanessa Hall
I like the light balance in Photo 1. I have a vintage caravan and know that photographing from outside to in can muck with the light and likewise, when taking a pic from inside to out, it can be met with bad shadows at times. This pic contrasts the bright colours of outside well with the grey colours of the interior of the tunnel.
by Vanessa Hall
Photographing from inside the tunnel in this way makes the tunnel appear as a frame within a frame.
by Jo Ferguson
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