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by Jon in Viewpoint
Photographer Description of Photo
Taking this shot from the level of the fence allows the two rails to converge making for a more interesting image.
Top Critiques
Photo 2 make me want to go for a walk in the country side. The angle of the photo makes you wonder how long the fence goes on for and what is at the end. It is thought provoking and therefore more effective photography.
by Kiki 050
The fence fills the entire frame, where the mushroom is too small in the middle of the shot, although the perspective is good.
by Shannon Meyerkort
Every part of this photo has good lighting giving really nice colour contrast.
by Michelle Coates
Instead of looking down on the subject, you see it at a lower angle, as if from a smaller animal's point of view. The picture is also slightly off to one side, rather than centred, which makes it more interesting.
by Bryony Harrison
Depth perception, buy viewing from a more unusual angle a sense of depth is created
by Lesley Mitchell / Renascent College
fencelines make such a strong story in photos. Not sure about the white thing in the bottom right hand corner though, its a major distraction
by Paula
The shot taken from this angle gives an illusion of being close, and because the line of the fence drifts off into the shot, it also gives an illusion that the fence goes on forever.
by annab
Although the subject is boring I really like the angle which creates a point of perspective.
by AbbyWard
Photo 2 draws the eye away into the distance, wondering how far the fence continues.
by Karina Bryer
The fence leads your eye into the distance
by Dave
more interesting to the eye, follows the fence
by Here and There
I prefer the long angle which gives the impression of depth. The fuchias are pretty, but conventional.
by Douglas Sutherland-Bruce
Photo 1 has been taken from a more interesting angle but I would maybe have wanted to see some more context to the photograph (where is the fence? In a field, next to a road etc). It would be interesting to see more of the fence (This could be achieved by standing closer to it and looking along the fence into the distance rather than towards it). I like the butterfly but I would have preferred to see the it a little closer up as this would make it more of a focal point in the photograph. There is a bit too much space around the butterfly which makes the eye wander away from the subject.
by TinaMaria
I like the asymmetrical approach to this photo, also the grass seems to be moving in the breeze
by Rank Amateur
Photo 1 would have been better if the symmetry lines would have converged into the center of the photograpf... Diminishing lines effect. I think Photo 2 would have come out better if the eyes were visible. Eyes give connection to the viewer.
by Savish
The lines draw your eye along the picture.
by Carly
I like photo 1 as the angle is more interesting and it is easier on the eye.
by Esther Blanco
Nature look nice, the fence tell you their other animals that has been separate from each others.
by birilo
Taking the photo from this viewpoint created curiosity. Where is the fence going? What is beyond the fence? Photo 1 was black and white (which is a favourite of mine) but too zoomed in to create any emotion in me. Photo 2 (this one) was interesting immediately.
by Liz Ganser
I prefer photo 1 as it draws you along the fence. Photo 2 seems confused with no apparent point of focus.
by Lindianne
Photo 1
by Megan Niven
good leading lines
by Alan Dowling
my eyes are directed to follow the fenceline and i find this interesting.
by NikonToni
This photo is nicer due to lighting.
by Kiki 050
The curved fence rail gives the illusion of it neverending.
by annab
shows the neverending fence line
by Sally Maree
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