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by Gen Adams in Viewpoint
Photographer Description of Photo
a sand crab on a beach at ningaloo
Top Critiques
colour seems a little off in shot 2
by Janette
great photo , love the clear lines, very hard to photo live animal
by Griffin
It is an animal, great photo, shame sand wasn't darker but great work
by Griffin
The crab is blended in with the background and the photo is taken from the crab's height, which makes an interesting shot.
by Justyna Chmielewska-Schaftlein
The translucent look is stunning.
by Graeme Dickson
I am usually looking down on a crab. I have never looked at one from this viewpoint.
by Vanessa Hall
It must have taken extraordinary patience to capture this beautiful shot.
by Dora Bona
This shot is very unusual and interesting. It really invites the viewer to take a closer look to appreciate the fine details. You can tell the photographer has also gotten down to the level of the subject which meets the brief for this exercise.
by Marian Tisi
I still will go with this photo, but yet photo 2 does show good detail
by Cathy Kirkby
while both photos are good, the winner is still intresting
by Cathy Kirkby
At first it is hard to see any crab, it blends in well with the colour of the shells
by Cathy Kirkby
First photo is just a bad photo. had potential but really poorly executed. The second one has interesting POV.
by Tracie Louise
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