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by Gen Adams in Viewpoint
Photographer Description of Photo
Balinese monkey thinking "whos looking at me and what they got to eat"
Top Critiques
Portrait of the monkey will get your attention compared the other picture
by Noel de Asis
Great job capturing the contemplative look in the monkey's eyes.
by Sue Danielson
hard to explain, but I would say it's a portrait of a monkey as though the monkey was a person.
by thomas Mullier
This photo draws you into the subject and lets you focus on the face and eyes of the animal which always brings interest to a photo
by Wendy Smith
Shows how friendly and calming the monkey is towards humans
by Sarah Dee
great composure and detail
by tony huckerby
Eye level photo of monkey creates a feeling of closeness
by John
Those eyes!
by Janette
the subject is telling a story by looking sideways
by Stephanie Claude
Sharpness of the eyes, colours and blurred background makes you feel connected with the subject.
by Dina
The close up of the monkey brings him to life. The food looks ordinary - a different angle and wider aperture with blurring of background would have been better for the food
by katri
Mug shot!
by Anirban Mazumdar
by Deion
The monkey is center view of the photo, but his eyes are looking elsewhere (very slightly), which makes me wonder: what is his view? what captures his attention?
by Jeunesse Meldrum
Photo 2 shows amazing clarity and detail, by capturing the intensity of the eyes.
by Dora Bona
Love it! What an amazing close up portrait. Looks like the photographer was actually face to face with the subject when it was taken...beautiful.
by Marian Tisi
the monkey my favourite
by Cathy Kirkby
the monkey my favourite
by Cathy Kirkby
Love the monkey
by Cathy Kirkby
I like the use of filling the full frame and how the eyes look like glass
by Cathy Kirkby
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