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by Kathiemt in Viewpoint
Photographer Description of Photo
Close up of mushroom. Nikon D90 F5/3 1/60 ISO320 45mm
Top Critiques
Love the grass details at the base - and bokeh too!
by alici
Wonderful photo of fungi from the perspective of underneath looking up. Great blurred background that adds interest and doesn't distract.
by Angela Hurrell
crisp clean subject
by Kaed Saugos
It is focused on the object with very little background which is blurred. This makes the object a focus of interest.
by MikeF
Because it stands out ..
by Anirban Mazumdar
This is a shot is taken at an angle which of something we don't normally get to see from hence why I love how this photo changes the usual view which is more an aerial view to a mini 'tree' like view of a mushroom!
by Loges Panjaseram
Easily second one for POV. First one has much better subject matter to me, but is poorly executed. Great DOF in the second one.
by Tracie Louise
More clarity and richness in this photo.
by annab
The focus on this solitary mushroom with the blurred background is quite effective. It forces you to take notice of it.
by annab
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