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by Will Davies in Viewpoint
Top Critiques
This photo to me is clear.
by zakiya robinson
Photo is clear.
by zakiya robinson
The sun and the water stands out in the photo.
by zakiya robinson
It is a clear picture.
by zakiya robinson
Being inside the wave
by Pauline Moore
Feelin' like I'm in the wave
by Pauline Moore
Better angle and story.
by Erazo
love the soft colours calm and wild water
by Kim de Koning
Love the light
by Nature's Gems
Feels like you are in the wave.
by Lisa Lawrie
It's not a perspective you would see with a normal eye. It's taken at a different angle then what most people would see a wave. Photo 2 looks more like a point and shoot. Excellent picture but not a different way to view.
by Alyssa
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