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by Gen Adams in Viewpoint
Photographer Description of Photo
sculptures by the sea , Cottesloe , ladder to the sky .....
Top Critiques
love the leading lines that take my eye from the bottom of the photo to the red ball at the top of the ladder. The background is a beautiful colour and non-distracting
by Paula
Nice clouds too :)
by alici
Would have to pick this photo again due to its relaxed nature.
by Kiki 050
The contrast of the white clouds and blue sky is great. The caption 'stairway to heaven' would suit this photo perfectly!
by Kiki 050
Interesting how it looks. The sky helps understand the balance of the ladder.
by birilo
The picture has many mystical elements.
by Liliana Sambotin
the angle gives feeling of height and expansion
by tony huckerby
A ladder is boring thing especially a broken ladder. Changing the viewpoint so the sky is the only background with the ladder disappearing into space makes it interesting.
by MikeF
Stairway to heaven?
by blinklight
Love the contrast with the sky.
by Teresa Casasola
I like photo 1, but it is photo 2 that draws my attention as the angle the photo is taken makes it look like it goes into the clouds, you have to look twice to realise that it just has parts missing, taken against a wall, it wouldn't draw a second glance.
by lovemycamera
the fluffy clouds give this photo an unearthly aspect and the angle from which it has been taken leads the eye upwards, which I like.
by Jasper
A great photo of a sculpture, and the mottled cloudy sky is a great background. in this case, better than a clear sky. The reflections in the structure gives the feeling that it is part of something greater and not just floating in the sky. Colin.
by Colin
This photo captures the lighting and makes it look real. the viewpoint is from below which adds definition to the photo and makes it look different to the rest.
by Disha Jolly
by sha
The bright colours and textures are amazing. It makes me want to look up to the sky to see what I can see.
by Ellaine Hislop
The sky in the background makes all the difference
by ypriy
Same photo as before...I love it.
by MaggieVP
What a great photo, it could almost be a painting. The sky is the perfect background.
by MaggieVP
Very clever shot. Love it.
by Kathiemt
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