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by Emma in Viewpoint
Photographer Description of Photo
Melbourne Central Train Station, I took it at night.
Top Critiques
Very dynamic photo. Draws me into the full depth. Perhaps a bit busy with the brightness of the yellow lights stopping my eye.
by Melissa C
Very cool perspective looking up.
by Brad Peters
Definitely Photo 2 for the photo angle.
by Shaonee Rahman
I like photo 2 better for its unusual view point
by Shaonee Rahman
Like this photo for the unusual viewpoint
by Shaonee Rahman
A little more dramatic ith the viewppoint and light
by Irina
No 1 is good for other reasons not so much about viewpoint. It looks like a zoomed in shot from a normal angle.
by sue bennett
Taken from below looking straight up . Photographer has moved into a position to add interest and colour to the shot.
by sue bennett
Laying on back to get upward view
by Kym Mastroianni
The perspective. Leading lines allow the eyes to travel from the bottom of the photography to the top of the tower Th lights give a foreground interest with the dark, circular area the background. The picture as a whole contains geometric shapes.
by Geraldine Riggs
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